About Us

Killerdreamweaver is our micro-site dedicated in teaching Dreamweaver. You will find dozens of our Dreamweaver videos covering versions CS3, CS4, CSS and up. A lot of internet enthusiasts today wants to learn more about website development even with just creating a simple site and then learning various thing related to the website from there. If you have a good foundation about creating a website, it would certainly make your goals online easier to achieve. This site is intended to help you in using Dreamweaver as a tool for creating websites. Things could be hard in the beginning especially when you are completely new to the stuff, but by the end of the day, the fact remains that everything could be learned.

You might ask, what are the good stuffs about Dreamweaver and why should i choose it? Here are simple and straight-forward reasons:

Code Highlighting
Code Suggestion
Code and Design View
Code Validation and Accessibility Checks Properties Bar and Insert Images
Site Wide Find and Replace and a lot more...
Check out the categories menu to the right and begin to learn Dreamweaver. I am also proud to announce that we will not only be focusing on Dreamweaver alone for we will also be covering general topics related to Adobe.

More to come, Grifian Hensbrook