Computers Really Do Make Life Easier

by Kishael Canchon

Technology And The Future


It’s an awesome feeling when you have a big assignment coming up and you don’t need to go to the community’s library to get your research done.Instead, you can use your mom’s old laptop and google ” Prime Ministers of Grenada” right there – without leaving your home. Technology has indeed made life easier for us but much praise is given to the computer for being there and helping us conquer the world (in a good way).

Why are computers efficient? how about for completing assignments? you’ve looked in every book to find out 40 religious figures but you were only able to get 10 because the resources you used to get such information is limited. Again, computers come in and save the day because you are able to google your question and find the answer on different websites, your only task now is to make sure that the website is factual. Then, you can take down whatever information you want by paraphrasing or quote and you must give reference to that particular site. With just these easy steps you can gain that A+ that you worried so much about getting. No need to worry about cheating, the computer was meant to make life easier and it has kept its promises since.

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Many older people might argue that computers are making people lazy because they do not have to write everything down with pen and paper. It does make sense but they do not understand that a lot of time is being saved when one just writes an email and sends it off one time, instead of getting your paper and pen to write your sister in London. Your pen starts writing nicely and suddenly the ink decides to get a stroke and now you’re searching for another pen in the entire house but cannot seem to find the right one with the same ink. What do you do now? you put the letter on pause and keep forgetting it until you just give up on the letter you were about to write or you just continue procrastinating. The computer is a life saver in this aspect because you can just sit on a couch, or anywhere that would make you comfortable and send your sister the email. If you’re lucky, voila, she might reply in just 5 minutes after receiving it.

The computer is important to many families and students studying abroad. Can you imagine living in India and your child is studying somewhere in the Caribbean and you are not able to see his face as much as you would like? Yes, as a mother it can be really heartbreaking especially because other persons are getting to see your child more often than you and you feel left out. That’s where the computer comes in, there are platforms like Zoom, Skype and even Facebook Video Call that allows people to communicate; distance is not a problem. You can hear them, and you can see them which is enough because something is better than nothing. In a case like that, nothing would be more important than being able to just see your child’s face and see that he/she is doing fine.


Computers have introduced an enhanced level of entertainment for both adults and children. Do you remember growing up and your granddad and older cousins sat outside on the porch playing cards or dominos? Those were the days that technology was not widespread, computers were only seen in the house of an elite or middle class, but today, that’s way different. Mostly every household has a computer or some electronic device that represent a computer, for example; a smartphone or a tablet. Entertainment is advanced now and anyone could stay at home and play a virtual game of their choice. When you start playing a game and have to run a quick errand you could simply pause that game and continue where you left off whether it’s an entire day or two days you’re most likely to find your game the exact way you left it. Another great factor is being able to play a game by yourself.In that case, you do not have to beg anyone to come and play a game with you.

Computers play a major role in the music industry as well, well it depends on the culture of the people and the musical instruments they use. Why?  because some African and Caribbean folk dances only require the drums and that alone is sufficient for their entertainment. On a wider scale, however, music needs to be edited so the producer will need a computer to make these vocals worth listening too.

We find out information and catch up on the lives of celebrities via the internet. If that were not the case we would find out things months after, but thanks to the computer, if something happens in our hometown and it gets posted on the internet today, rest assured I will know about it today as well.


For those of us who do not like calculations so much or mathematics on the whole. The computer is a blessing. Having to handle all these accounting information and still being always accurate, well more accurate than if it were a typical human being.It definitely makes life easier. Yes, there are people who could calculate really well but the computer is faster and much more efficient. Imagine having to input data of 500 people’s hours they work and the cost of that time and it has to be done in a short time. The computer will save so much time an effort for the ordinary man.

Computers may not get the amount of credit they deserve but it is definitely the future. The way technology has already conquered the world there’s no way we can focus now if they took away all these privileges. I know that many might argue (and I understand) that the younger generations are becoming too dependent on technology, some of them do not know how to write especially because schools now are upgrading the lessons to be online or students come to class with their laptops to copy notes instead of having to waste all that paper. The flip side is that you are getting to save the trees, no more paper, grab your computer!

Kishael Canchon

By Kishael Canchon

I am a daughter of a lovely couple. My passion for English & Literature have really molded me into the open minded person that I am today. I live life trying to be non judgemental. I highly believe that people are different and everything happens for a reason. I started writing at the age of 11 years old and that passion never faded it just came in stronger with fuller force. Writing to me is like eating ice cream on a hot day to you. It always satisfies my soul. When I write, I do it with passion, if it's not done with passion then it's not done at all.