Making the Most of Your Chromebook for Business

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Matthew Ruane

by Matthew Ruane


Making The Most Of Your Chromebook For Business


Most people were scratching their heads when Chromebooks first came out. After all, what good is a computer that can’t run any software natively? Sure the little machines are lightning fast, and you can pick one up for less than $200 if you aren’t looking for the top-end product on the market. But what good is that if you can’t run Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and all the other popular tools that you’re used to relying on for business purposes?

Even though Chromebooks are somewhat limited since they can’t run software natively yet (new Chromebooks are gaining Android App support) there’s still a lot that they can do. Chromebooks can be used for serious word processing with tools built-in for collaboration, handling spreadsheets, making presentations and tackling most standard text markup tasks. There are CMS solutions, photo editing programs, email platforms, SEO tools and just about anything else that your business might need, all available on the cloud. There’s a lot of merit to relying on cloud-based solutions for a modern-day business, and doing so could help you save money while building a more flexible business.


The Flexibility of The Cloud

Cloud Computer Helps Make The Most Of Your Chromebook For Business

Using the Chromebook for your Cloud-based business needs is a natural fit. As natural as a cloud.

One of the best things you can do for your business is to embrace the cloud fully. Doing business through the cloud untethers your company from specific hardware, or from a specific location. Employees can access files from any system they’re working on, from anywhere in the world where internet is available. Telecommuting is easier, working with contractors is effortless, and expanding software services as your business grows is as easy as adjusting an account plan. Cloud computing is designed to scale with a business, making it the perfect solution for dynamic businesses changing with the market.

Cutting Costs with Minimal Hardware Investments

Chromebooks provide a minimal hardware investment Business solution for technology

Chromebooks provide a minimal hardware investment Business solution for technology.

One of the biggest benefits of making use of Chromebooks in a business setting is the reduced hardware investments necessary. Chromebooks are cheap, and even the low-cost ones are snappy and reliable. If your business can operate with just Chrome-based solutions, hardware costs will be substantially lower. Not only that, but most Chrome solutions work with other hardware, making it easy to integrate Chromebooks in with existing systems as long as you make a full switch to cloud-based solutions.

Access Files Anywhere

Businesses would do well to start storing important business files in the cloud, which is something that’s natively supported by Chromebook tools. When files are kept in the cloud, they’re easy to access and ready at any time. Cloud-based files can be accessed from any location, and cloud storage grows with the need to store files. Of course storage is limited by a business’s bandwidth capabilities, but packing away important files over the cloud can simplify the way business is done and help encourage collaboration more than ever before.

Enhance Security with a Chromebook

Chromebooks generally don’t hold local files, they don’t store personal information and they aren’t security vulnerabilities to a company like Windows or Mac machines can be. Important data is stored in the cloud behind secure firewalls and solutions managed by leading security professionals. Companies that rely on Chromebooks are less likely to be hacked and to give up the sensitive information of their clients. That’s a major advantage of relying on Chromebooks for business purposes.

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Supercharge Your Business with Leading Software Solutions

While Chromebooks don’t come with much native software there are top-quality online solutions that come built with Chromebook support.

Handle Office Tasks with Google or Office Online

Chromebook has free Microsoft Compatible Office Software Including Docs and Excel Spreadsheets

With Google Drive you can create, edit and share Microsoft compatible documents including Excel spreadsheets.

There are two popular solutions for managing documents using a Chromebook, Google Docs or Microsoft Office Online. Both solutions support spreadsheets, word processing, creating custom presentations and collaboration. They’re both free, and each offers a robust set of features. Google Docs is a bit smoother and integrates better with Chrome, but a business that already relies on Microsoft Word could transition to Office Online more easily than Google Docs. It’s also worth noting that Google docs offers offline document creation support on Chromebooks, a feature that is not supported by Microsoft Office.

Organize Customers with PipeDrive

Leading companies make use of a CRM solution for managing customers to improve sales and maintain healthy relationships. Fortunately there are ample cloud-based solutions for this task today, and PipeDrive is one of the leading products on the market. It comes with tools for managing new deals, tracking business contacts, managing company-wide tasks and tracking important statistics for company improvements and success.

Manage Tasks with Trello

One of the biggest challenges in an office environment is managing all the tasks and making sure that everything gets done. Trello is a Chrome-friendly solution to help with that task. Through the use of boards that users can manipulate and change. Task management, information collaboration, research and project management are all possible with this popular solution. It also integrates with other popular products like PipeDrive for more streamlined performance.

Manage IT Costs with Cloudability

As technology grows and develops the total tech budget for most businesses grows as well. With more tech expenses being added every month, it’s important to know how to manage them all. That’s where Cloudability comes into play. It’s a powerful tool for managing cloud expenses and ensuring that only necessary resources are being consumed. Put it into place at your business and get a handle on all those expenses.

Chromebooks aren’t right for every business. Some companies need proprietary software to complete their daily tasks, and support for that software might not be available on a Chromebook. For companies that don’t have these limitations, it makes a lot of sense to go with Chromebooks for work. They’re affordable, lightning fast, secure and they encourage a more cloud-based focus, which is good for small and large businesses alike. If you want to take your business to the next level, one of the best moves you can make is figuring out how to operate using a set of Chromebooks. Retire those expensive computers, do away with the difficult-to-manage servers, and set up a fleet of Chromebooks to streamline your business with.